NutriMap Weight Management

August 23rd, 2012, 03:08:47 admin

Reaching your optimal weight is an accomplishment.  Maintaining your optimal weight for your age permanently is a life changing triumph.  How you choose to reach your optimal weight is individual.  The shift in lifestyle you take in order to maintain your accomplishment needs to be developed using personalized nutrition and exercise strategies that work best for your life.


What you can expect:

  • Complete review of your medical history, current eating patterns and lifestyle habits.
  • Personalized meal plans, nutrition and exercise strategies tailored to your goals.
  • One on one consultations designed to support long term success
  • Subscription to Bio-Shift mobile application
  • Ongoing texts and e-mails with your nutritionist


Learn about your body:

  • Body composition analysis and resting metabolic rate using the BioSpace Inbody Analyzer:
  • Functional Movement Screen to assess asymmetries between the left and right side of the body or any limitations in functional movement patterns
  • Food Sensitivity Testing to identify any adverse reactions that may be occurring from food, chemicals, and herbs:


Apply the lifestyle:

  • Food Regimens: Learn how to efficiently navigate your grocery store or local farmer’s market. Create a personalized 7-day menu including a grocery list for a week’s worth of affordable, nutrient rich meals.
  • Exercise Regimens: Design a tailored exercise regimen for your specific needs and goals.