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May 31st, 2012, 04:05:16 admin

The Basic Science of How Going Sugar Free can make you Happy

       If you’ve been following my blogs, you should be fairly educated on how carbohydrates and sugar are utilized by the body, and the role of the iTaxi (Insulin Taxi). If this is your first time here, click here and learn about it.

       Here is some cool metabolic science on how eliminating refined sugar can make you a happier person: If we decrease the amount of sugar we consume, the glucose concentration in our body is going to be less. If the glucose concentration in our body is less, our pancreas doesn’t need to secrete as much insulin.

       Here’s a new lesson about Insulin: Insulin inhibits a hormone in our body called Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL). HSL is our friend, because it increases the breakdown of stored fat (triglycerides) into free fatty acids to use for energy. So with less insulin, we are encouraging our hormone friend HSL to continue to break down fat (triglycerides) into free fatty acids for energy.

       Here’s the science of how this process makes you happy: With a higher free fatty acid concentration in your body, this increases a transporter called tryptophan into your brain. Increased tryptophan (which is an essential amino acid) stimulates the synthesis of serotonin, and as you know, serotonin makes you happy.

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