NutriMap Supplements Carbohydrates for Fuel

June 6th, 2012, 02:06:20 admin

If you have achieved your optimal weight and optimal health, you should be consuming a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. Here you are going to learn how to incorporate carbohydrates into your diet in the most efficient way so you can maintain your optimal weight.

First of all, if you are at your optimal weight, you should be exercising routinely. If you are exercising routinely, you should know that carbohydrates fuel you for your exercise. Here is your approach:

Plan of eating carbohydrate rich foods on the days that you are going to exercise. This way you are allowing your body to use those carbohydrates for what they were meant to be used for: which is providing you with energy to get you through your exercise.

Here is another thing you should approach when consuming carbs on your exercise days: Combine the carbohydrates you eat with fiber. Researchers in Naples, Italy have concluded from several studies the unhealthful effects of a high-carbohydrate diet (in terms of metabolism) disappear for patients with diabetes when they increase fiber along with those carbohydrates. This is great news for everybody, especially for those that are conscious about controlling their                                                                                   blood sugar levels.

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